Gather: In just a few simple steps

Want to know a really simple way  to gather your fabric? It really is easy peasy, and once you learn this, gathering will never be scary again.

First of all, change your straight stitch length to the longest stitch on your machine and lower your tension to around 3. Simply begin to stitch a row measuring 1cm from the edge of your fabric. I know that the edge of my foot is at the 1cm mark, so I simply line the material up with the edge of my foot.


Remember to leave long threads at either end of your row of stitching.


Next, stitch a row parallel to the first but this time measuring 2cm. On my machine there is a 2cm mark, therefore I simply line the material up with this mark (keeping the same stitch length and tension as before).


Now you have two rows of stitching with long threads at either end. Pick up the top two threads at both ends and gather your fabric along the threads, ensuring the gathers are nice and even. Pin in place.


Attach your adjoining piece of fabric. With fabric right sides together, pin in place.


I have included this dodgy dark picture to remind you to change your stitch length and tension back to normal settings.


Now you can stitch away using the normal 1.5cm seam allowance, which will be inbetween your two previous rows of stitching. Remember to remove the pins as you sew.


Open out and pull on visible threads from 1cm and 2cm row of stitches. They will easily pull out due to the long stitch length and low tension.


Ta-dahhhhh! You have some beautiful gathers. Easy as (as they say in New Zealand). I hope you found this easy to follow. Go forth and gather until your hearts content.