Centered Zip Tutorial

Always fancied making a project with a zip but the zip terrifies you? Lets see if I can help.

Step 1 

Overlock or zig zag stitch your two seam edges where the zip will go.

Step 2

Place your zip inbetween your fabric, preferably hanging over the top by a few centimetres. Where the metal/plastic part ends at the bottom of the zip, cut two notches, one on each piece of fabric.


Step 3

Put the zip aside, and place you material right sides together (right sides are the sides that will be on the outside of the garment). Pin together and sew a 1.5cm seam from the bottom of the garment up to the notches. You will need to back stitch securely here as this is where the zip will end.



Step 4

Continue to sew up the rest of the seam but alter your stitch length to around 4. This is used as a basting (temporary) stitch. You will then need to break your basting seam about every 4cms with you stitch unpicker. This will aid in the easy removal of your stitch when needed.



Step 5

Press the seam open. To press a seam, is to iron it with less movement in the iron, so you are literally pressing down on the seam.



Step 6

Here’s where the exciting part begins. You will need some scotch Magic tape. This tape is perfect for this as it can be easily sewn through without making your needle sticky. 12.7mm wide is a perfect size. This is the only tape I have used for this, please let me know of any other tape that works as well. Place the tape on the right side of the fabric, down the seam line. It needs to be exactly centred if order to give a neat presentation when sewing your zip on.



Step 7

Now centre your zip over the seam at the back, tape and pin in place. I have used washi tape only for prettyness purposes, this tape will be too sticky to sew through. Use scotch magic tape instead.



Step 8

Attach your zipper foot and sew along the basting tape, on the right side of your fabric (don’t forget to change your stitch length back). Sew down to the metal/plastic stopper, then across the bottom of the zip and up the other side.



Step 9

Remove the tape and temporary basting stitches,which are down the centre of your seam.


Step 10

Open the zip and sew back and forth over the top of each side of the zip. This creates your own stoppers, you can then cut off the excess zip at the top.



Hey presto……you have made your very own centered zip!