Clemence goes to the beach

Here it is! The long awaited Clemence skirt. Why has it taken me so long to do this post I hear you ask?? A lack of camera tripod means I have to wait for the other half to take my pictures. So due to our weekend plans clashing and it being dark on an evening here, has meant a delay in pictures. A tripod is next on my wish list.

Anyway, this is the first project I have made from Tilly Walnes new book, Love at first Stitch. The clemence skirt doesnt come with a pre made pattern so you have to cut your own out depending on your size. However, do not fear, it is really simple, just measuring and cutting a few big squares. I absolutely love the book and the way it is so simple to follow. I havnt yet tackled any of the other prjects but this one was a breeze.



In making this skirt, you will practie many sewing techniques including, basic pattern making, hemming, gathering, french seams (which I love), and inserting an invisible zip. Take a look at my previous blog post on easy peasy gathering to learn how.

Even though I have been sewing a while now, I still get nervous when it comes to inserting a zip. The main points to remember are to take your time and to enjoy it. My zip didn’t turn out perfect but know one will ever notice except me. Heres a picture of the back, see if you can spot the mistake.



Actually the picture is a bit far away but this is my point, who will ever notice?! I certainly enjoyed playing on the beach in this skirt, it was so comfy, but I’m glad I wore leggings especially going up those stairs eek!

So what would I do differently if I made this skirt again. Well, I didn’t apply interfacing to the waist band as my material was quite think, some sort of stretch cotton. Anyway, it did exactly that, it stretched. It was actually meant to sit higher up on my waist. Im not sure if the waistband would have stretched if I had applied interfacing or if it would have stretched anyway due to the material. So next time I will try a different fabric to see if I get the same result. Oh what a shame, I will have to make another skirt, pffft!

Lastly I would like to share a random picture of an ice cream cone shaped shell I found on the beach, So I made an ice cream. I would love to hear your thoughts and how  you got on making this lovely number? ( I mean the skirt, not the ice cream).