My sewing space

This is my sewing room, yes I said ‘room’, how amazing is that? This is very new to me, like many of you, I struggled for a while having to use the kitchen table and storing my supplies anywhere I could. The thing I disliked the most about this was the packing away and setting up of equipment every time I wanted to make something. It’s not impossible to do this but you have to be very organised and tidy and know exactly where everything is. Well thats not me really, I like to spread out all over the place. So having a dedicated space is amazing and I still get excited when I walk into the room. Yes thats right, I get excited by my sewing room, I hope I’m not alone, am I?

sewing_machineThis is my lovely machine, its a Brother Innov-is 600. I really like this machine. Its been a pleasure to sew on since I bought it. I used to have a basic Singer that was quite cheap but did the job. It was my first machine and I bought it with no sewing experience at all. I made quilts, cushions, aprons etc with it and it was perfect for what I wanted it for. Now I have a couple of years sewing experience, I wanted something that would be good for dressmaking and quilting. You may be thinking well don’t they all do the same thing? Well in principle, they all sew but my new advanced machine just makes sewing much more of a pleasure.

If you look at this close up picture of my new machine, it has buttons for cutting the thread once you have completed your sewing, raising the needle and backstitching. These all had to be done manually on my old machine, they are not a necessity but just make things easier. It also comes with a bar (I’m sure there is a technical term for this) that reaches down to my knee, so I can raise the presser foot, with my knee. I have to say I haven’t used this yet as I’m used to raising the foot manually, but I should really give it a go. I would love to know what people think of them?


This machine also comes with a quilting foot and has lots of other tricks up its sleeve,¬†however I wont bore you with the details, but I love it. Other essential sewing supplies I use, include pins, I like the pearl headed ones as they are easy to pull out of your project when no longer needed. However since I have stepped into the world of dressmaking, I’m finding that I use the straight pins with no head, much more than I used to. I will explain this in later posts. A tape measure, tailors chalk, a stitch un-picker (sometimes called a quick unpick), various coloured thread, dressmaking scissors, small embroidery scissors for cutting loose threads are all part of my essential items for sewing. There are other tools and supplies that I use but again I will explain these as I use them for future projects.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first ever post, please comment with your thoughts and opinions, and I will look forward to speaking with you.

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