Follow my progress as I enter the unknown world of dressmaking!

The A-line Skirt

This A-Line skirt was my first real dressmaking project. I first got a taste for dressmaking when  I came across a fantastic website called Tilly and the buttons. On here, there was a link to a video which showed you how to make an elasticated skirt. It looked so easy, so that very day, I went out to get my material and supplies, and made the skirt within an hour. It was fantastic and I loved that I had made it. Take a look at my Instagram page, you can see a picture of it there. I knew that my second dressmaking project should be something a little more complex. I wanted a fitted skirt which included a zip. Why are zips so scary?

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My sewing space

This is my sewing room, yes I said ‘room’, how amazing is that? This is very new to me, like many of you, I struggled for a while having to use the kitchen table and storing my supplies anywhere I could. The thing I disliked the most about this was the packing away and setting up of equipment every time I wanted to make something. It’s not impossible to do this but you have to be very organised and tidy and know exactly where everything is. Well thats not me really, I like to spread out all over the place. So having a dedicated space is amazing and I still get excited when I walk into the room. Yes thats right, I get excited by my sewing room, I hope I’m not alone, am I?

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