Reglisse Dress

This is the Reglisse dress by Deer and Doe. As soon as I saw the pattern, I knew it was just my style and that I had to attempt to make it. I was a little apprehensive as the pattern states that it is an intermediate pattern. Was I this advanced yet? I looked at the instructions and knew that I had practiced all of the various elements previously, i.e darts, elastic waistband, gathering, bias binding. However, could I put them all together to complete a dress???



The packaging of the Deer and Doe patterns are beautiful. Once again indie patterns pull through. I am definately and indie pattern lover. I find them so pleasing on the eye and also much easier to use. As you can see above, the instructions are so clear and easy to follow. So I decided that I would make a muslin (an exact version of the dress but with cheaper material) of the dress first. I did this to make sure the size I had cut was correct and that it fit me nicely before cutting into my expensive material. I have previously made the mistake of cutting straight into my material and cut a size too small, from which there is no going back.



I cut a size 34 inch at the bust and merged this to a size 36 at the waist for the bodice of the dress. For the skirt, I started with a size 36 as the skirt begins at the waistline, I then merged this to a size 38 at the hips. As you can see it turned out perfectly. I also practiced inserting the capped sleeve on the muslin as I wanted to be confident at this before the real thing, and I found it was really easy due to the clear instructions. The muslin was a great fit so I went ahead and made the real deal.



The making of the dress took me two days. Yes this may sound a lot, but it wasn’t two solid days, I was faffing around. So I took my time and really enjoyed the process. I did make one mistake though. When a pattern says ‘cut 2′ it obviously means to cut two pieces. So I cut one capped sleeve out and then laid the pattern out again and cut another. The pattern pieces have notches so that when you come to attach the piece to your sleeve hole, you know which is the back and which is the front because of the notches you have cut at the edges of the material.

When my notches didn’t match and the sleeve was on the wrong way round, I couldn’t understand why. I looked back at the instructions and realised my mistake. The material should be folded in half so that when you lay the pattern piece on top you are cutting two and one is a mirror image of the other. This is why they didn’t match. This really is common sense but to me it wasn’t and I learn from my mistakes so I’m glad I did as now I realise how it all works.

I love the nautical theme of the dress and luckily I found both fabrics in the one fabric shop. Auckland has such a great range of fabric stores, but thats for another post. Hope you all love the dress as much as I do.

Oooo I almost forgot to say, I got a compliment from a stranger about this dress. I was sat in a lovely beer garden having lunch when a very nice lady approached me and told me how much she loved my dress. I told her that I had made it and she was amazed. How cool is that??? And this is why I sew :)