Sewing on my travels!

On my travels over the past few years, I have stumbled upon a fair few sewing machines and lots of crafty goodness. I wanted to share with you, some of the sewing loveliness I have witnessed in different corners of the world.

The photograph above is a man making a living from altering garments on the streets of bangkok. Photographed in 2011. I was in complete awe of this man, and others whom I saw making a living from sewing. Not only sewing, but sewing on the street. I imagine this man would be here serving customers in all weathers. Bangkok is alive with street sellers, including food, gifts, but he was by far my favourite. Check out the vintage singer sewing machine, ahhhh dreamy.



Whilst travelling through Vietnam, also in 2011, I stumbled upon this amazing embroidery workshop. The ladies were training in embroidery art. The art that they created with embroidery was astonishing. Using beautiful threads and lots of talent, they created images such as the one below. No thats not a painting, its embroidery!!! I thought to myself, right that’s it, I’m moving to vietnam and joining this embroidery school. In reality, that didn’t happen, but what a lovely thought.




Women were wearing traditional dress which looked stunning. And old fashioned sewing machines were still in use. This place was a dream.


The last piece of sewing goodness comes from Marrakesh in Morocco. I traveled here in early 2013 and whilst wondering the streets, noticed this vintage singer sewing machine, with what looked to be a curtain being altered. The colours in the fabric and all over Marrakesh were lovely and bright. I guess having the machine on the street is sure way to get your business noticed. A must see in Marrakesh is the famous Jemaa el fna. The marketplace in the medina of the old city. It really is alive with colours, food, handmade crafts, oh and the odd snake and monkey!! Whilst wondering the endless allay-ways of the medina, I came across this wonderful hand dyed yarn. Im sure there will have been lots more crafty goodness behind those medina walls, you would need a lifetime to discover it all.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my pictures. I would love to hear about your crafty finds on your adventures.




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  1. Sarah Sew Love

    May 5, 2014 at 9:07 am

    global sewing. I sew love it.
    It is so inspiring seeing people hard at work, making a living from needle and thread particularly in third/2nd world countries. It makes it more of a contrast to the fast fashion power horse of first world and westernised countries who barely think where their clothes come from… #whomadeyourclothes #insideout
    Where are you off to next for travels?
    I am dreaming of India eek the colours the textiles so great!

    • Sew Many Dresses

      May 5, 2014 at 9:25 am

      it really is inspiring, especially when they are making a living using the old vintage machines, amazing! I seem to see people sewing everywhere I go and I’m do glad I have the pictures to show you all. well NZ is our big adventure at the mo, who knows where we will go next. Yes the textiles in India would be amazing to see!! x x


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