The Coco Pattern from Tilly and the buttons was the second indie pattern I had bought. This pattern got me super excited as it looked so simple and involved sewing a simple sleeve.

A simple sleeve, how exciting. The difference with this sleeve is that it is sewn on the flat, which basically means to pin it to the armhole before the armhole is sewn up. I had attempted to set in a sleeve previously and , although I was really impressed with the end result, I was setting it in on the round (so when the armhole is already sewn) and there ended up being gathers when there shouldn’t have been. So this way made perfect sense to me.



The packaging was a winner for me and came in the form of a polka dot envelope, whats not to love! This is the first time I had sewn with a knit fabric. Knit fabrics can stretch and easily be sewn out of shape, which scared me a little. However, I loved the design of the coco dress and soon forgot my fears of knits. Tilly provides some great tips for sewing with knits on her website. So I followed the tips and a few hours later I had a pretty little coco. I was so happy with it. The shape of it is really simple yet flattering and it is so comfortable to wear because of the knit fabric.



I decided to use a red trim for the arm holes and bottom of the dress. I felt like the dress needed something extra so I included a patch pocket (which also comes with the pattern). This was my first patch pocket. My first attempt was a bit wonky, so I ended up unpicking and re-sewing the pocket.


I absolutely love my dress and I’m actually looking forward to winter so that I can wear it with tights and boots. Tilly has put up a great showcase of some of the coco’s sewn around the world, including these lovely ones from RachelDressing the role and Lauren.

I would definitely recommend this pattern to a beginner, it was such a pleasure to sew.